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Outdoor Propane Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Enjoy the comfort of your

outdoor living space year-round

Bring the Party Outside!

Create an entertainment haven in your own backyard with propane-powered outdoor fireplaces & firepits 


No matter the time of year, your outdoor living space is the perfect place for calling those closest to you and throwing an intimate gathering, a big bash or anything in between!

Set the mood by bringing your guests outside to enjoy the fresh air, good company, and great memories. With a propane-powered fireplace, you can almost always count on a good time in a comfortable setting.


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Benefits of Propane

Set the Mood

propane firepit

Bountiful Benefits

Powering your fireplace with propane is hassle-free with countless benefits including:

  • Less mess & low maintenance
  • Never ending supply
  • No clean-up
  • Safe & easy ignition
  • Usable in all weather conditions

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Pinnacle Propane uses only safe, simple and efficient processes to help you create a functional and comfortable outdoor entertaining space with little hassle on your end.

Call us today for propane to fuel your outdoor fireplace or fire pit.

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