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Pinnacle Propane

Pinnacle's Delivery Programs

We have flexible payment and delivery programs designed to meet your energy needs.


Pinnacle Propane is providing Propane in local neighborhood of 9 states of the country.

Believing in the best customer service, strong safety measures, and adaption of innovation, we take pride in providing premium services to meet our customers needs.

Keep Full Delivery Program

Keep-Full Program

You won't go out of Propane!

This program provides you with flexibility and assurance from the company that you won't go out of Propane. We will keep your tank level checked and fill it based on patterns of your past usage. With this program, you can have a hassle-free Propane tank refill without contacting us.

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Will-Call Delivery

Will-Call Delivery Program

Call us for refill whenever needed

If you own your tank or have a leased one from us, we will refill your tank whenever you need. Simply call us or fill out our contact form to get call from us, and schedule your Propane delivery.

Whether you are an existing customer or new, you will get delivery service within 2-4 days of inquiry.

Please bear with us in peak times as there may be a longer timeframe for delivery. We try our best to deliver Propane beyond business hours. We advise you to contact us at a 30% level of Propane so that you can get your delivery within the given time.

Budget Pay Program

Budget-Pay Program

Spread your bill in 11 Payments

This program helps you to spread out your payments over 11 months of the year. If your winter usage is higher than your summer usage, you can enroll in the Budget-Pay program by registering with us. It provides you the ability to pay evenly throughout the year rather than having one large winter bill.

Telemetry Technology

Telemetry Forecasting

Your future Propane forecast in just few touches

We have state of the art AI machinery monitoring your usage and can forecast the future supply based on your usage patterns. Telemetry is available in a few areas and helps us to forecast your propane delivery in timely manner.

Further, this technology enables you to easily self-monitor:

  • The current level of propane in your tanks
  • Check your complete history and your last delivery date
  • Order propane refills on your smart device or computer

Telemetry by Propane

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