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Resources for Propane Delivery in Houston, TX

Keeping informed about your energy options is the best way to ensure you’re getting the cleanest, most affordable services. At Pinnacle Propane we provide commercial customers in Houston with a wealth of information on how propane fuel can benefit their business or organization. From Houston propane refills to setting up tank systems, if you have questions about propane services we can help.

For Pinnacle Propane safety is always the top priority. Beyond first-class service we also provide commercial customers with the added benefit of free Propane Safety Inspections of their propane tanks and propane appliances. We also recommend that customers read our propane safety tips for information regarding what to do if you suspect a gas leak or propane leak at your business.

More than 60 million people nationwide choose propane gas to run a wide variety of appliances, equipment and vehicles. The portability of propane makes it possible to enjoy the efficiency and economy of gas service virtually anywhere your Houston business needs to be. Best of all, propane is only about half the cost of electricity. Not only does propane gas save you money on monthly energy bills, but it’s also a clean, American-made fuel that’s been recognized in the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments.

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