Delivery of Propane in the Kansas City Area

Pinnacle Propane is quickly becoming one of the top Kansas City propane companies serving Wyandotte County. Our company is rapidly expanding to offer superior propane services to more customers in more places.

Kansas City residents and business owners can now benefit from an energy source that’s more efficient, reliable and affordable than electricity. Customers in dozens of cities across the South and Southwest know they can trust Pinnacle Propane to deliver safe, clean propane to power their homes and businesses.

Pinnacle Delivery of Propane in Kansas City

We deliver the money-saving propane Kansas City customers have been looking for. Pinnacle Propane offers a variety of services to commercial, wholesale, and residential customers. No matter what your propane needs are, we’re positive our highly trained technicians can help. Services include:

  • Installation for complete systems
  • Tank installation
  • Installation of new piping, fittings and regulators
  • Testing of new propane systems
  • Propane tanks for sale or lease
  • Propane refills

Propane is one of the most affordable power supplies for heating water, powering appliances, fueling machinery and more. But Pinnacle Propane also currently offers a number of money-saving programs that make propane even more cost-effective:

  • Keep It Full Program
  • Supply Commitment Program
  • Volume Rebate Program
  • Forklift Cylinder Exchange Program
  • Vehicle Fleet Program
  • Builder Partner Program

Choose a more efficient and affordable energy option – give us a call at 913-515-6098 or sign up for service online.

Propane Refill Kansas City

Kansas City propane refill has never been easier now that Pinnacle Propane has expanded its service area. We have made reliable, simple refills are cornerstone of our business. Customers no longer have to be concerned about their propane supply when they make the switch to Pinnacle.

Customers can request same day refills or sign up for the Keep It Full program so they never have to worry about running low on propane. Commercial customers can even refill their own bottles at our local propane refilling station. Our customer service team can help you put together a propane refill and delivery plan that fits your schedule and needs.

Get easy, reliable propane refills! Call us to schedule your refill at 913-515-6098.