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Pinnacle Propane FAQs

Pinnacle Propane answers your most concerning questions!

Pinnacle Propane is a leading Propane supplier in the USA with operations in 9 states of the country.

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Questions regarding our services are answered below

Yes, we do. We provide a wide range of tanks based upon your needs. Please click here to find what Propane tanks suits you based on your needs. 
Yes, we provide Propane tanks along with expert services to install at your residential or business site. We set up installation after you make a call to your nearby Pinnacle local office, or filling the Contact Us form. Before installation, we set up your account and complete paperwork to ensure all local laws are abided by and provide you a safe installation of the Propane tank with WHS documents. After setting up an account, our technician will visit your site and gauge if that place is suitable for the Propane tank. After inspection, you become part of our customer family.
Yes, you certainly can. We know the importance of satisfying our customers in accordance to their needs. Please find our lucrative delivery programs here.
We don’t require an empty propane tank for our Propane tank. We can sell or lease you a gas cylinder along with the provision of gas
No, according to local and state laws, you can only get a refill from your current provider. We can certainly replace your previous tank and provide us our own tank, but we can’t fill others’ tanks. Only, in case of emergency, laws allow us to refill other company’s tank.
Yes, you can. There are special appliances made to run on Propane. If you have those appliances, then besides your natural gas central system, you can run Propane appliances easily. We can provide a Propane bulk storage tank, yet connections can be drawn by services of a registered/licensed plumber.
Of Course. We provide tanks based on your needs. You can have a bulk storage tank that can lighten-up your entire house. Please fill our Contact Us form and one of our CCR will get in touch with you to give complete information about Propane-run appliances, information about Propane tanks, and what appliances can you run on a specific tank.

No, we don’t. We just install tank in your backyard and licensed plumber gives connections to your appliances.


Above-the-ground tank installation


  • It is easier to install, and it can be maintained easily
  • It is less expensive


  • It is more exposed to natural hazards
  • It doesn’t give an aesthetic look to your backyard


  Underground tank installation


  • Your tank is safe from physical damage


  • It is expensive
  • Maintenance is difficult

In order to get Propane services, you can either fill this form online by going to our website or contact your nearby Pinnacle local station for account setup. If it is new construction, our technician will survey your site to check whether your tank can be installed safely where you want (by law, it should be 10 meters away from your residence). Then, both for new and existing construction, our technical expert would guide you about the size of the tank based on the number of appliances.

After selection, we will install your tank and fill it for the first time. We will hand over all requisite WHS documents to you while setting up your account. For tank refill, you could either call our local station or fill contact us form online. For more information about delivery programs, please visit our website


Account Setup/Payments/Billing


You can become customer by visiting us at your nearest Pinnacle Propane local office, by setting up account on phone call to our local office, or simply filling the Contact Us form and our customer service representative will call you and setup your account.

After the required paperwork, you will go into our system as a customer. Now an expert will visit you and checkup health of the site where Propane tank is going to be installed. After a thorough process of inspection, we will install the tank and fill it up. With our auto-delivery program, you will remain in check of not going out of propane. Based on history and usage, our reps will visit you when the time comes and refill your tank.

With telemetry, we can forecast your usage too. Simply connect with us through a local station or signing up online and we will provide you hassle-free services.


We have numerous payments methods.

  • Online

You can pay online anytime of the day. Simply follow this link and pay easily.

  • Phone call

We also receive payments on the phone. Simply call at our local office and make a payment through Debit and Credit card. You will get your receipt by email.

  • Check

You can write us a check and send to our local office. After funds transfer, you will receive email of confirmation of your payment.


Yes, you can. When you Contact us through our website, we run a cold credit check and place you in payment program. The plans could be best explained by our local office Customer service representative.

You can find us by this link


Our installment plan helps you make payments evenly when your consumption is not uniform. For instance, if you are our customer for last 12 months, we will see your collateral and divide that evenly into 12 months. This helps you pay the same price when your consumption is high. If there are changes in consumption (mostly customers exceed their already determined usage), we will request you to increase your monthly payment, or you can pay the exceeded amount. We will be in touch with you if your consumption changes and goes beyond your planned usage.


We are offering payment plans curated to meet different needs. You need to call your service center or fill out our contact form to change the payment plan. 


This is the plan when you pay the lump sum upfront cost of your future use of LPG. By paying upfront cost in summer, you lock a certain rate of Propane/gallon that will continue even when the price hikes. Usually, because of the high demand for Propane, the prices go up, but signing up for this payment method saves you extra cost in advance. 


This is our monthly payment plan in which we split your best estimated usage of Propane in gallons and lock the ongoing rate in summer, so that you won’t have to face hike in prices in peak season.


As the name suggests, you can lock Propane/gallon rate in summer, so that you won’t have to face a rise in Propane/gallon price in Winter.


Your Propane tank has a gauge which shows reading that how much Propane is left. We advise our customers to call us when left with 30% of Propane. This gives us flexibility to deliver propane in a timely manner, so that you won’t go out-of-gas.

We also have a system to anticipate delivery based on your previous usage patterns. This serves you timely refill without calling us for delivery. For this, you need to confirm with our local office if they have such program in your area. 


Call us at our local station and setup a degas appointment. We will empty your tank and provide you the refund up to $80 (based upon the rate at which you bought and what was left-over).


Usually, we ask our customers to wait for 10-14 days for the refund.


If it is your own or Pinnacle cylinder, you can get it filled at our local station. Our technical expert will refill it at our site.


No, we cannot refill a cylinder which belongs to some other Propane company. In extreme emergency, when you are out-of-gas and need a delivery, we can refill it. Yet, by law, we can’t refill some other company’s tank.


Simply call us to get information about your account. You can also fill the form online and we will contact you regarding details of your account.


Yes, you can. You can give us your email address and we will start paperless billing for you.


We suggest you call at your nearest Pinnacle local station and ask information about your bill. We can also send your bill again via mail, or via email too. 


If you are returning a tank that still has gas, we will pick up your tank and empty it. You will get a refund of the remaining gas. The service charges for picking up the tank and evacuation will be deducted from refund.


Delivery Programs

This is automated Propane delivery program to refill your propane tank based on your usage history. You won’t have to worry about your next refill. We will keep a track of your usage and history, and provide you hassle-free, contact-less Propane refill. This would keep your tank running without disruption of low volume

When you are purchasing or leasing tank from us, you won’t have to worry about anything. We will ask your needs and suggest your respective tank. After deciding what tank is suitable for you, we complete the paperwork and one of our technicians visits your site. After inspection, we will install bulk tank at your site and fill up with Propane.

Similarly, our cylinders are super reliable to run long, and we take strong care of them. We provide 20 years warranty for our tanks and maintain them regularly. In case of damage or leakage, we will replace it free, unless it is because of your negligence. In such case, we charge a certain fee to exchange your tank.

Likewise, you could have a look at our delivery program page to enjoy different packages coming with your cylinder.


Telemetry is a state-of-the-art tool to gauge and forecast your Propane usage based on your history. With this technology, you won’t have to worry about refilling, as Telemetry would inform us when your supply is due. This makes Propane delivery hassle-free for you and gives us a chance to serve you better.


Regulators installed on our Propane tanks have a life of 12 years. 


There are two methods of getting a tank, either you pay an upfront fee of the tank, or you lease it. In both cases, maintenance and refill are on us. For leasing, you would pay $90/year, and this lump sum would be divided into 12 billing months. This would provide you an extra cushion to avoid high upfront costs.


e have tanks varying from 120 Gallons to 2000 Gallons of volume. There is a simple process of determining what tank is suitable for you. Please refer to this page to determine what tank suits your usage. For over 1000 Gallons tank, you need to contact our local office and they could give you a complete picture of bigger tanks.


If we replace customer’s tank because of leakage, damage or for any other purpose, the tank is taken to our facility where it is meticulously inspected. Unusable tanks are degassed and sent to recycling plants.




It is extremely dangerous to keep Propane tank inside your house. Whether it is a portable cylinder or bulk tank attached with an appliance, it should be connected from outside the house. 


You need to stop using that appliance until our expert diagnoses the problem. If your appliance isn’t burning properly, there could be regulator problem or leakage. You can inform us, and our technician would visit you to see what’s the problem. Based on inspection, you will get your regulator changed without cost. There could be any other reason too, yet most of the times, it is regulator problem. 


Safety comes in fundamentals of our business. We hand over WHS documents after thorough inspection of your site, tank installation and filling up your tank for the first time. Our installation expert would also verbally communicate basic safety measures to take in case of leakage or any other unusual activity. 


If leakage or damaging is done by your negligence like lawnmower hits the tank and damages it, we will charge you for the replacement of the tank. Otherwise, if it leaks naturally, we will replace your faulty tank with no cost.


When you smell a pungent scent of rotten eggs, this is a sign of gas leakage. Immediately call 911 and evacuate your entire house. If it is indoors, open your windows and doors for ventilation and do not go near the tank. Technical experts need to handle such a situation. 


Propane Appliances


As compared to Natural Gas, Propane appliances life is longer due to complete burning. No soot is produced when Propane burns. Therefore, they are advised to be serviced in every 12 months.



Unfortunately, most of the appliances come with in-built power connection system. Propane appliances would differ from natural gas appliances. Yet, if an appliance can be run on both Propane and Natural Gas, you can have a connection to run it with Propane. If they need conversion, the procedures should be performed by registered installers and plumbers. 


Propane is produced as a by-Product in chemical process called internal combustion. Sometimes, because of incomplete internal combustion in appliances, Carbon Monoxide is produced. Therefore, your appliances should be serviced once every year to keep them running smoothly. They are advised to be serviced by registered installers or plumbers.


There are registered installers and plumbers to install Proapne appliances. Please abstain from doing it on own or by a nonprofessional. 


Yes, they can. It is highly advanced and technical procedure to convert a gasoline-run vehicle to Propane, which can only be performed by professionals. The horsepower of Propane vehicles could be tethered, but your vehicles could run longer on Propane, and deterioration is minimized by use of Propane.


Propane Tanks


No, you can’t. It’s too dangerous to have a Propane tank inside your home. Propane tanks are made to install outside, and capital and state laws also prohibit their storage inside the house. 


Yes, it does. We have a wide range of cylinders that come along with the gas. When you order gas, you can purchase or lease a tank from us. In addition, we provide periodic maintenance services for our tanks for free. For more information, please fill this form and one of our customer services experts could give you all requisite information. 

We don’t require an empty propane tank for our Propane tank. We can sell or lease you a gas cylinder along with the provision of gas

When you want to change your propane tank, we will upgrade your plan and provide you with a larger tank with a change in leasing agreements. Please Contact Us for detailed information about this. 


You can contact our local office and we will setup a query for you. Our tanker will reach your site within 2-3 business days and empty your cylinder. Based on returned volume of Propane and the rate at which it was provided, you can have refunded up to $80.


You can call our local office and inform the CCR. We will pick up cylinder from your site and dispose it.


To use Propane as an alternative source of power, you need to have Propane appliances. Natural gas appliances rarely works on Propane.


It is the device that connects the hose of your appliance with a valve of Propane cylinder. It regulates the pressure of the gas going in your appliance.


Well, regulators are technical equipment which could only be evaluated based upon your cylinder by our technical staff. Our tanks come with regulators installed on the top of the tanks. You don’t have to worry about what regulator is needed for your tank.