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Frequently Asked Questions

Again, this depends on several factors, such as what you use your propane for and how often you use it. The experts at Pinnacle Propane can help you estimate your average propane usage.

Industrial propane has many diverse applications, such as powering hotels and resorts, fueling agricultural vehicles, and providing portable energy sources for oilfield operations.

The quality of commercial propane is measured according to a grading system. HD10 Propane (a.k.a commercial propane) contains 90% propane and up to 10% propylene.

It depends. Propane prices fluctuate just like gasoline or natural gas. Our customer service representatives at Pinnacle Propane can provide you with an industry-competitive quote.

Pinnacle Propane offers propane tanks for many needs. For example, we sell forklift propane tanks (though we will also fill your already-purchased tanks).