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propane tank sizes storage

Propane tank sizes

Find a propane tank size for your needs with our tank volume calculator

Get the right propane tank size for your home or business with Pinnacle Propane. Use our tank volume calculator for domestic needs; businesses can consult our sales team.

 There are many different sizes of propane tanks and selecting the right size for your home or business is vital, depending on factors including floor space, number of appliances and, for homes, whether heating a pool or hot tub. Pinnacle Propane provides various bulk tank options. For a full assessment of your needs, feel free to get in touch with us for a detailed discussion of available choices. 

The sizes of our propane tanks

Tank volume calculator

A Tank for your Home or for your Business?

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A tank that’s too small will need to be refilled too frequently, increasing your energy costs. A tank that’s too big will tie up your budget when you may not need that much propane. Our propane tank sizes cater to various domestic and commercial needs. Our propane tank size calculator is designed specifically for domestic customers to help them find the right size, while commercial users are encouraged to reach out to the Pinnacle sales team for assistance.

Types of propane tanks



Above ground propane tanks

Pinnacle Propane’s range of domestic above ground propane tank sizes includes options from 250 to 1000 gallons. Above ground storage tanks have the advantages of being less expensive, easier to install – all that’s needed is a concrete base - and to maintain. Although they’re more exposed to natural hazards and you may feel the size of residential propane tanks detracts from the appearance of your backyard, many feel the advantages outweigh this, especially when tank screening options are available. For commercial users, selecting the appropriate above ground propane tank size depends on several factors, such as business type and the number and size of appliances requiring propane power. For personalized commercial recommendations, we encourage you to get in touch with our sales team. 



Underground propane tanks

For aesthetic reasons, many homeowners prefer to have their bulk propane storage tank buried underground out of sight. Our domestic underground propane tank sizes range from 250 to 1000 gallons. Whatever underground propane tank size you choose, they’re fitted with our free auto-ordering technology (subject to site survey) that monitors your gas usage. They automatically schedule your propane delivery when you're running low so you don’t need to think about it. We’ll also take care of the tank installation from start to finish. For commercial users seeking further information, we suggest reaching out to our sales team. 

A telemetry unit will need to be installed by Pinnacle Propane to remotely measure the quantity of propane in the propane tank and schedule deliveries accordingly. Subject to the telemetry unit being able to receive signal. ACH transfer required.
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Why choose a propane tank from Pinnacle?

Why choose a propane tank from Pinnacle Propane?

For home or commercial use and whatever propane tank size you’re looking for, you can rely on Pinnacle Propane. Here are just some of the reasons why we should be your first choice energy provider:

  • Price Protection Plans to lock in your rates
  • Exceptional customer service 24/7
  • Safety first approach
  • Sustainability-focused
  • A name you can trust
  • Access to our user-friendly tank volume calculator


They have trusted us.

We believe the safety of our customers, localities, and employees is above business. That’s also reflected in our company’s motto, ‘nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely’. Another important factor of our success is Customer Experience. We have a specialized team of customer care representatives (CCRs) working around the clock to take orders and fulfill them on time. 

Frequently asked questions

There are many different propane storage tank sizes for home and commercial use. As propane’s a liquid, it’s sold by liquid measure (gallon) or weight (pound). Pinnacle Propane’s residential propane tank sizes range from 150, 250, 500 and 1000 gallons. Commercial propane tank sizes are larger by request.
Most propane tanks are not stamped with their size. To measure height, set your propane tank on its bottom and measure from the bottom to the base of the tank's collar, the raised piece of metal surrounding the tank’s valve. Measure the diameter with a measuring tape at its widest point.
The propane tank size you’ll need depends on your home's size and the number of appliances relying on propane or your business needs. For homes under 2,500 sq ft with 2-3 appliances, a 250-gallon tank suffices, while a 500-gallon tank can effectively heat an entire house. For larger homes over 4,500 sq ft with multiple appliances, pools, or hot tubs, a 1000-gallon tank may be necessary. We offer 250 (small), 500 (medium), and 1000-gallon (large) tanks catering to diverse household needs. Contact Pinnacle Propane for expert assistance in finding the ideal tank size for your requirements. For commercial customers we recommend reaching out tou our sales team