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Hurricane Safety Alert: Pinnacle Propane is dedicated to your safety during hurricane season. Ensure your propane system is secure by following essential safety tips from PERC.
For immediate assistance, contact us at (972) 444-0300. Stay safe and informed.
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switching propane companies

Switching propane companies

We make switching propane companies easy and affordable.

Feeling underserved by your current propane supplier? Pinnacle Propane can elevate your experience. Renowned for reliable service and customized solutions, we deliver exceptional value.

Pinnacle Propane is the right choice

Best LPG company

Switch propane suppliers with Pinnacle today

Changing LPG suppliers doesn't have to be complicated. Switching to Pinnacle means better service, lower costs and peace of mind.

  • Highly affordable

    Propane typically costs about half as much as electricity per BTU. With our Price Protection Plans, you’ll save even more. 
  • Energy efficient

    Propane is considered energy efficient by heating water and air quickly, bringing your house and water up to temperature faster.
  • Delivered to you

    With the contract and the installation adapted to your needs, Pinnacle Propane ensures your tank is always topped off.
  • Safety first

    Our technicians adhere to rigorous safety standards and protocols to ensure the safe handling, storage and delivery of propane to protect both customers and employees.
  • Quality service

    We pride ourselves on local expertise, personalized services & tailored solutions and long-term relationship building.

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How to change propane companies

Changing from your current gas company to Pinnacle is easy.

  • Get a quote

    Get a quote today from our helpful sales team.

    Pinnacle pay propane
  • Schedule a visit

    Our energy experts will conduct a site survey to assess your property's suitability.

  • Account set up

    We'll help you to set up your account in our customer portal.

  • New installation

    We'll install your propane tank and associated equipment.

    propane tank installation
  • Gas fill

    Your tank will be safety inspected and filled with propane.

    Gas fill propane

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on what size tank you have now and where it is located would determine if there will be any cost associated with Pinnacle installing a tank for you. Pricing varies by location and other factors. If we need to add any parts or fittings, the tech will be able to identify that need while they are on the property and will discuss what the cost would be associated with those parts or fittings while on site. All tank sets will have a full safety inspection completed once installed. The service tech will test the tank, lines and all appliances that are connected to propane. 

  • If you have an above-ground 120-gallon tank, it can be next to the house but must be 5 feet away from windows and vents and 10 feet away from an A/C unit.
  • If you have an above-ground 250-gallon tank up to a 500-gallon tank, it must be at least 10 feet away from the house, A/C unit, windows, vents, and property lines.
  • If you have an above-ground 1,000-gallon tank, it is required to be a minimum of 10 feet; depending on the state you are in, it may be recommended the tank be 25 feet away from the house, A/C unit, windows, vents and property lines. If there are multiple tanks on the same location within 5 feet of each other the tank is required to be 25 feet away.   
Rental fees vary based on location. This fee is billed annually, and the first year’s rental fee is waived. 
We strive to service our customers as quickly as possible, ideally within a week. However, due to current scheduling demands at your local office, the turnaround time could be 2-4 weeks.

It is recommended you use as much of the propane that is in the tank that you have now or request a refund of the remaining fuel in the tank from your current company. If a pump out is needed, we would have to consider this on a case-by-case basis. Depending on your location and the type of tank that you have, this may be a possibility. There are a few factors that go into this task that would need to be considered.

First, we would need permission from the company that owns the tank to be able to transfer the fuel.

Second, we would have to determine if the tank that you currently have on your location is able to be pumped out safely. Since propane tanks are designed to keep propane in, some tanks have to be turned upside down in order to pump them out. For the safety of our customers and employees, we will not perform these tasks on-site. Some tanks can even take hours to pump out, which could result in a labor fee being assessed.   

Generally, if we are installing a tank in place of another company, we will move the tank that is currently there so that it may be easily accessible for the company that you are switching from to be able to pick it up without any issues.
Propane prices have the ability to fluctuate from week to week. However, we offer two different price protection programs to suit your needs. One of our representatives would be happy to help discuss those and the pricing associated with those programs by calling your local service center today. 
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