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Propane Pricing

Everything you need to know about the price of propane.

Getting propane is not one-size-fits-all. With various factors influencing pricing, we work with you to find the right fit.

Propane pricing varies due to a number of factors, including demand, usage and location. The best way to get a tailored solution is by contacting our sales team.

What Factors Affect Propane Pricing

The price of propane fluctuates depending on the market.

Pinnacle Propane purchase propane gas from producers and refineries. Here are things that affect the price of propane.

  • The seasons

    Propane is mainly used to heat homes, which is why the propane pricing trends up in colder seasons like winter.
  • Supply and demand

    The reason propane pricing varies in the winter is because demand increases. This is especially true during cold snaps or winter storm.
  • Global energy market trends

    Global energy producers can set propane prices depending on their supply or market demands. Unrest or global crisis can also affect the price.
  • Political & economical factors

    Propane pricing can be affected by political unrest and economic factors such as recessions or depressions.

Contracts we offer

FIxed price contracts

Fixed-price contracts

Our fixed-price contracts offer peace of mind by locking in rates and shielding customers from market fluctuations. With transparent pricing and dependable service, customers can budget confidently, knowing their propane costs remain stable throughout the contract term.

Variable contracts

Variable contracts

Variable contracts provide flexibility in pricing, allowing customers to adapt to market changes. With this option, our rates fluctuate with market conditions, offering cost savings during periods of lower propane prices.

PriceProtect Plan from Pinnacle

 The PriceProtect Plan from Pinnacle Propane will help you manage your propane purchases and secure low prices. Use the plans to lock in propane prices and prevent fluctuations.

Additional charges

Delivery Costs

The delivery costs are calculated into the overall cost per gallon, ensuring that the customer's pricing includes the expenses associated with the delivery process.

Same Day, After Hours, & Holiday Delivery Charges

Pinnacle Propane is here to assist and won't add extra fees for emergency deliveries. If you've waited until the last minute to order your propane, we'll make every effort to support you. In these situations, a small additional charge will apply.

Disconnect / Reconnect Charges

There are charges linked to the disconnection and reconnection of propane delivery services due to non-payment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ pricing Pinnacle Propane

Frequently asked questions

Yes, locking in a price allows you to purchase propane at a set rate regardless of market fluctuations. This plan can be beneficial in managing your budget and protecting against price increases.
Minimum purchase requirements vary. We may require a minimum gallon purchase per delivery, on certain orders. It's best to check with your local service center for specific details.

To help reduce costs, consider:

  • Regular maintenance of your propane appliances to ensure efficiency
  • Upgrading to more energy-efficient appliances
  • Monitoring your propane usage and adjusting habits accordingly
If you believe there is a mistake on your bill, please contact our customer service team immediately. We will review your account details and resolve any issues promptly?
You can order a propane refill online, over the phone, or by visiting our office. We recommend ordering when your tank reaches 30% capacity to ensure continuous supply.
For any propane emergencies, such as a gas leak or suspicious smell, contact our emergency hotline immediately. Safety instructions are also available on our website.