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Pinnacle Propane supplies propane gas and services to homes and businesses including propane delivery, refills, tank installation, and maintenance.

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What Pinnacle Propane is Offering

Which Propane Tank Is Right for You?

Utilize our Find the Right Tank Tool to find the propane tank that best meets the needs of your home. With our tool you can determine which size tank fits the needs of your household. 

Why Choose Pinnacle Propane as Your Propane Supplier? 

Providing the best propane services to residential and commercial customers.

  • Reliable and safe execution
  • Innovative and advanced solutions
  • Dedicated support and maintenance
  • Experienced and skilled team
  • Competitive pricing

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We believe the safety of our customers, localities, and employees is above business. That’s also reflected in our company’s motto, ‘nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely’. Another important factor of our success is Customer Experience. We have a specialized team of customer care representatives (CCRs) working around the clock to take orders and fulfill them on time.