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Propane Tank Installation

Learn About Pinnacle Propane Tank Installation

How to prepare for a propane tank installation and how to find the right propane tank for all of your home or business energy needs today.

Propane Tank Installation Made Easy

If you're contemplating a switch to propane for your home or business, it's essential to evaluate your requirements and arrange for a propane tank installation. You'll have two choices for residential and commercial propane tanks: above ground or underground. We'll explore the key features of each option to help you determine the most suitable propane tank for your needs.

Why a propane tank from Pinnacle?

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Experience the Pinnacle Propane advantage with our exceptional tank installation service

At Pinnacle Propane, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we pride ourselves on our hassle-free installation process. Our friendly representatives will guide you through the setup, bringing you one step closer to energy independence.

  • Streamlined and straightforward installation process
  • Dependable installations and servicing for residential and commercial clients
  • Prior property inspection for safety assurance
  • Safe and secure propane tank installation process
  • Outstanding customer service that sets us apart from the rest


“I own a few rental properties and you (Pinnacle Propane) have always done a wonderful job with making sure our tanks are set up safely and continue to monitor them with each fill.”

Gary Folks - Folks Rental Properties

Above ground vs underground propane tanks

Benefits of above ground propane tank installation

Above ground tank installation is done in a couple of hours, up to a half day. In most cases, a concrete pad or block will be put as foundation before we install your tank. The tank should be at least 10 feet away from your house or any other neighboring structures. Depending on the size of the tank more installation requirements apply. Here are some benefits of an above ground propane tank.

Above ground propane tanks are much easier to install than underground propane tanks. There is no excavation required, and they can be installed on a concrete pad or set on a solid foundation.
Above ground propane tanks are easy to access for maintenance, refilling and inspections.
Above ground propane tanks are typically less expensive to install than underground tanks.
Above ground propane tanks are visible, which makes it easier to monitor propane levels and detect any leaks.


Benefits of underground propane tank installation

Underground tank installation can take up to a full day to install. The installation process includes digging a hole, where the tank will be buried. The tank should be at least 10 feet away from your house or any other neighboring structures. Here are some benefits of an underground propane tanks.

Underground propane tanks save space and do not take up any yard space. This can be beneficial for those with limited space.
Underground propane tanks are hidden from sight and do not interfere with the landscape or view.
Underground propane tanks are safer in the event of natural disasters such as hurricanes or earthquakes.
Underground propane tanks are protected from the weather, which can help prevent corrosion.

Find the right propane tank

Pinnacle Propane has a tool to help its customers find the right propane tank. Simply answer a few questions about the size of your home and your propane usage needs to determine the right propane tank installation for you.

Propane tank installation in 4 easy steps

Getting propane tanks installed with Pinnacle Propane is easy! Our process is complete in a few simple steps. Here are the 4 steps for getting a propane tank installed with Pinnacle Propane…

  • Step 1: Your Needs

    We will have a consultant call you or visit your home to discern your energy needs

  • Step 2: Our Best Plan

    We will work our which or our energy solutions will best fit your propane needs

  • Step 3: Installation

    Our experienced team will install the perfect propane tank to meet your needs

  • Step 4: Use Propane

    You are ready to experience the powerful benefits of using propane for your home or business

Frequently asked questions

All you need to know about propane tank installations

The cost of your propane tank installation will be determined by a number of factors, including size of the tank, above ground or underground tank, and location. You can lease the metal propane tank from Pinnacle, and we provide some maintenance for free.
First, you must be in one of the many locations in the United States we serve. Then, in order to schedule your propane tank installation, you must complete our set up process and pass an inspection of your property. Our customer service experts can help walk you through the process.
No, you cannot install your own propane tank due to regulations and safety concerns. The team at Pinnacle must be allowed to survey your property and install one of our certified propane tanks. We also cannot refill another propane company’s tank.
With Pinnacle, maintaining your propane tank is easy. We will provide some free maintenance after your propane tank installation is complete. You will mainly need to pay attention to your propane tanks to ensure there is no rust forming or weather damage.
One of our consultants will be able to explain how best to prepare your home for a propane tank installation. You will need to prepare the land by clearing it of debris. You will also need to clear a path for the delivery. You must be available during the installation.