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Parents and young son playing outdoors

Outdoor Propane Solutions

Propane for Outdoors

Pinnacle Propane is advanced, reliable, and customer-oriented Propane provider in your local neighborhood.


Propane is a manifold source of energy that not only heats food at constant pressure but also saves twice the cost of natural gas.

Outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Fireplaces 

As easy as the flip of a switch, propane fireplaces are an efficient and simple way to enjoy a fire outside with family or friends without any hassle of building a fire.

Patio heater

Patio Heaters   

Propane fueled patio heaters bring the heat to any outdoor situation all while offering safety and optimal comfort during your day or night out.            

Outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens    

Bring the party outside! A propane-fueled outdoor kitchen will transform your outdoor space into a functional, comfortable and enjoyable part of your home.

Person grilling meat on an outdoor grill


Gas grills have become the American backyard staple. Let the good times roll and open up the barbecue while your worries sizzle away.

People's legs dangling in swimming pool

Swimming Pool Heating     

Propane quickly and economically fuels heaters for outdoor swimming pools and hot tubs year-round for ultimate enjoyment and relaxation.

Outdoor light fixture outside of building

Outdoor Lighting    

Use propane for real flame lighting to efficiently brighten outdoor patios, walkways and entry ways.  

Why Choose Pinnacle Propane?

Your Partner In Fueling Your Home

Our commitment to safety, customer service and the communities we serve make Pinnacle Propane a top choice for homeowners.

Safety is at the core of our business and we are committed to providing safe service to our customers every day.  Our friendly staff is available to answer any propane safety questions you have and we also provide propane safety materials to keep you and your family safe and informed.

We appreciate our customers and Pinnacle Propane is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and support.  We are committed to the communities we serve and deliver personalized service through our local operations. Find your local Pinnacle Propane office here.

Pinnacle Propane is a propane supplier you can count on.  We offer dependable service and flexible delivery options to meet your needs.