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Fuel Your Hotel, Restaurant or Facility with Propane

Keep your guests coming back for more.

Fire Up Your Business

Ensure your 5-star rating

Pinnacle Propane constantly delivers energy solutions that are effective and efficient while reducing costs and emissions. 

Being cost effective and reliable is a huge factor in Hospitality. We service every aspect of your business from large venues and local eateries to RV parks and Mom & Pop gas stations.

Pinnacle Propane has you covered. 

chef cooking with propane

Benefits For Your Business

Hassle-Free Energy Supply

Hassle-Free Energy Supply

Put Your Business In Our Hands

Many businesses nationwide are interested in opportunities to expand their business outdoors. Having an outdoor amenity serves customers with more space, different dining options, ambiance and a chance to enjoy great weather and your business longer.

  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Clean energy
  • Versatile & flexible
  • Cost savings

Looking to Expand Your Business Outdoors?