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Pinnacle Propane

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Five Reasons for Choosing Pinnacle Propane

Keep-Full Delivery Program

In this program, we keep a constant check of your Propane level, and based on your past usage patterns, we forecast your future use and deliver Propane accordingly. Once we refill your tank, the bill is automatically sent to your contact information in our records. This makes the delivery of Propane a hassle-free process.

Will-Call Delivery Program

This program gives you the flexibility to get our services whenever needed. On your call, we schedule a delivery, and within 2-3 days, you get your tank refilled. We recommend our customers to call us at 30% Propane level so that gas can be delivered in a timely manner.

Price Protection Plans

In Winters, because of the high demand for the gas, price/gallon of Propane rises. But our flexible payment plans help you lock the price in summer, so you don’t have to face financial crunch winters as your usage goes up.

  • Fixed-price program: In summers, the demand for Propane is usually low. Thus, the price of Propane is also less than in winter. In this program, you can lock the price of a certain number of gallons in summers, so that you won’t have to face price hikes in Winter.
  • Budget-pay program: In this program, you can pay your entire year bill in installments. No matter what your usage in winters and summers is, your payments would be divided evenly for 11 months. This helps you not to worry about paying heavy bills in winters when your usage is high.
  • Pre-buy Program: This program allows you to buy Propane in advance so that the high price in winters won’t hurt your budget.


Telemetry enables you to book your Propane delivery, check your account history, and see a forecast of future usage in a few touches on the phone. You can also check your tank level at any time and set up notifications when a certain level of gas is crossed. Please check with your local Pinnacle service center if this technology is available in your area.

 Safety measures

We believe the safety of our customers, employees, and the community is above our business. Therefore, we are available 24/7 for any emergency. Our emergency helpline number is 972-444-0300. To learn more about safety, please visit our safety information page.

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