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propane patio heater

Propane Patio Heaters

Be comfortable in the cold

with a propane patio heater 

Keep Warm as the Seasons Begin to Change

Don't let the cold hinder your outdoor plans

As the seasons change, your outdoor plans do not need to adjust. You can count on propane-powered patio heaters to keep you warm as you enjoy time outside.

Patio heaters are available in many different sizes and models to best fit your needs and space. There are a variety of choices when it comes to heat emission.  Infra-red heating, air or convection are just a few choices to make sure you are happily warm. With the use of propane, heat is widely distributed for everyone to enjoy.

outdoor table setting
outdoor propane patio heater flame

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Why Choose Propane Patio Heaters?

Propane patio heaters operate similar to standard outdoor heaters, but rather than burning oil, natural gas, or using electricity to produce heat, they use a cleaner fuel source that is environmentally friendly. You've got it, propane!

  • Mobile and easily movable
  • Emits clean energy
  • Customizable comfort
  • High efficiency
  • Cost savings

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