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Propane Dryers

Load clean & efficient energy

into your laundry routine

Get Cozy Fast

Maximize your use of energy. Minimize your use of time.

Propane appliances make an impact not only in your home, but also on your wallet. Propane-powered dryers are low cost with many benefits that have homeowners preferring gas dryers in their homes.  By maximizing the use of energy and time, you can reduce your home's energy consumption.

Innovative technology sets the bar high and the number of gas dryers purchased for homes continues to increase. High-performance features such as steam cycles, lights and control screens are readily available to make your laundry day easier.  

Daughter tossing a basket of laundry to father to place in dryer

Benefits of Propane

No More Dreading Laundry Day

Mom pushing children down hallway in a laundry basket

Why Choose Propane? 

Can't deny it folks, the benefits are extensive.

  • Faster drying time
  • Advanced garment protection
  • Carbon Dioxide savings
  • Provides warmer air to reduce wrinkles and wear

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