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Order Propane Online

Solve your energy needs with convenient online propane ordering from Pinnacle Propane.

Check reliable energy off your to-do list. Order propane delivery from Pinnacle Propane.

Order Propane Gas Online

When it comes to affordable and reliable energy for your home, propane is one of the best options available. With Pinnacle Propane’s customer portal, existing customers can easily order propane online and have it delivered directly to their home. New customers should contact customer service for more information about signing up for our services. Experience the power of propane at your fingertips with Pinnacle Propane.

Current customers

How to order propane online

Existing Pinnacle Propane customers can order propane online by selecting their branch from the list below. Each branch is divided by state and then city. If you are unsure of the branch your home is in, please click the help button below to contact our customer service.

After you select your branch, you will be able to enter your login information on the next page. Then, existing customers should follow the steps to order propane delivery for your home or business.

Decide on a branch and order propane online











Falls City





Oklahoma City



Not a customer yet?

Why order with Pinnacle?

Pinnacle Propane is the propane supplier you can count on

Propane is one of the most cost-efficient and reliable fuels on the market today. Add that to Pinnacle Propane’s world-class customer service and advanced technology, and we quickly become America’s top home energy partner. Our customer portal allows you to easily order propane online and schedule deliveries when you need them most. Imagine being able to fulfill all of your home’s energy needs online? That is the Pinnacle difference.

  • Ongoing customer support
  • Reliable delivery
  • Telemetry remote tank monitoring
  • Environmentally-friendly fuel
  • Available in nine states


They have trusted us.

We believe the safety of our customers, localities, and employees is above business. That’s also reflected in our company’s motto, ‘nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely’. Another important factor of our success is Customer Experience. We have a specialized team of customer care representatives (CCRs) working around the clock to take orders and fulfill them on time.

Propane delivery

Order propane delivery

Pinnacle Propane existing customers can order propane delivery online whenever they need it. We deliver propane to local neighborhoods in nine different states and feature a number of programs and applications to help keep your propane tanks full.

The “Keep-Full Program” will keep track of your propane usage and deliver propane to you when your usage dictates you need it. Our company will handle the scheduling and you can never worry about running out of propane.

With Telemetry, our AI monitoring program, will monitor your tank levels for you and schedule a delivery once your tank reaches a certain threshold automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are an existing customer or a new Pinnacle Propane customer, you can order propane online whenever you need it! If you do not know how much propane you need, please contact one of our knowledgeable customer service agents. They can help you figure out your propane needs and get you started. 
Yes! If you are an existing Pinnacle Propane customer, simply choose your branch and enter your login information at the prompt. If you are not yet a customer, contact our customer service to get started. Once you are signed up, you can order propane gas whenever you need it from our website.
Online propane ordering from Pinnacle Propane is easy! Existing customers can choose their branch from our online order page and then enter their login information to get started. Customers not yet in our system should call customer service to get signed up.
Customers should order more propane when their tank hits the 40% full mark. 80% full is the level when your tank is considered full. At 40% full, it is best to go ahead and order propane delivery. You can tell how much propane is left in your tank by checking the gauge or your Telemetry app.
Customers can order propane online whenever they need more. You should check your outdoor tank’s propane levels periodically to make sure it isn’t below the 40% mark. We can also estimate your next delivery date based on your usage, or you can sign up for Telemetry. Either way, with Pinnacle, we will make sure you never run out of propane.

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