Propane delivery

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Pinnacle Propane - your go-to for affordable, local propane delivery.

Pinnacle for local propane delivery

Pinnacle Propane delivers propane gas and services to local neighborhoods in nine states across the continental United States. Our services to homes and businesses include safe and reliable propane gas delivery, propane tank delivery and installation, propane tank refills and maintenance

Propane delivery options

Keep-Full Delivery Program

Our Keep Full propane delivery service gives you the assurance that you’ll never run out of propane. We’ll keep your tank level checked and fill it before it’s empty based on your past usage patterns. With this program, you can get a hassle-free propane refill delivery for your tank without you even needing to pick up the phone.

Will-Call Delivery Program

If you want to be in total control of when you get your propane delivery, this is the program for you. Whether you own your tank or have leased one from us, we’ll refill your tank whenever you need. Simply call us or fill out our contact form to get a call from one of our friendly customer service representatives and schedule your propane gas delivery.



Plan your propane delivery schedule with telemetry forecasting

In some areas, Pinnacle uses meters equipped with state-of-the-art software to monitor your propane usage patterns and forecast likely dates for your next propane delivery. As you can imagine, this technology is highly sought after, and demand currently outstrips supply. Knowing how valuable telemetry meters are to Pinnacle customers, we are ramping up meter production to get them to you just as quickly as we can. Where meters are fitted, customers can easily: 

  • Self-monitor the current level of propane in their tanks 
  • View their complete history and your last propane gas delivery date 
  • Order a propane refill delivery on your smart device or computer 

Fast propane delivery

Both new and existing customers will get their propane delivery within 2-4 days of order but please be patient during peak times as there may be a longer timeframe for delivery. We try our best to deliver propane beyond business hours. We advise you to order a propane delivery when your tank reaches the 30% level so your propane arrives in time.

For more information about payment options and delivery programs, fill out the following form or call us at +1-972-444-0300.

More propane delivery services from Pinnacle

  • Emergency Propane Delivery

    Unexpectedly running low on gas? Pinnacle Propane is here to help. If you have 15% or less left in your tank please call our helpful customer services team straightaway. We can’t promise to work miracles but we’re here for you and will schedule you for an emergency propane delivery as soon as humanly possible.
  • Same day propane delivery

    If you’ve left it a little late to order your propane delivery we’ll do everything we can to help. Call us straightaway and we’ll try to fit in an extra delivery stop by one of our hardworking drivers to keep you going. (There may be a small extra charge for this same day propane delivery service).
  • Online propane delivery

    Ordering propane online from Pinnacle Propane is quick and easy. Place your order and enjoy propane delivery within [2-4] business days. Experience seamless online ordering, timely service, and a reliable propane supply for all your heating, cooking, and other energy needs.

Propane delivery for homes and businesses

Propane home delivery

Propane is used in the same way as natural gas to provide piping hot water, real flame fires and controllable cooking. If you’re looking for a reliable residential propane delivery service, Pinnacle Propane delivers the gas you need right to your door.

Commercial propane delivery

With businesses under pressure to operate more sustainably, propane is already the go-to solution for companies wanting to cut carbon emissions by up to 50%1, especially compared to polluting oil-based systems

What our customers say

They have trusted us.

We believe the safety of our customers, localities, and employees is above business. That’s also reflected in our company’s motto, ‘nothing is so important that it can’t be done safely’. Another important factor of our success is Customer Experience. We have a specialized team of customer care representatives (CCRs) working around the clock to take orders and fulfill them on time.

Frequently asked questions

Fluctuations in demand, weather conditions, your propane tank size and installation cost, location and the cost of other fuels all affect the propane price per gallon and mean the propane delivery cost varies from day to day. But typically, the cost is currently between $3 and $5 per gallon.
A faint rotten egg smell after a propane delivery can be normal. While propane is odorless, gas companies add an artificial odorant, like mercaptan, to identify gas leaks. If the smell is strong and doesn’t go, leave and call your propane delivery company from a neighbor's to get it checked out.
The minimum amount of propane delivery for Pinnacle Propane may vary depending on their specific policies and service offerings. It is recommended to contact Pinnacle Propane directly to inquire about their minimum delivery amount as it can differ based on location and individual circumstances.