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We would require your basic information like where do you live and how much Propane do you require. To find what size of Propane tank you need, you can use our 'Find the right Propane tank' tool to get information about Propane tank sizes. 

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Factors That Determine The Price

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Prices: Propane comes as a byproduct of crude oil refining and natural gas processing. Fluctuations in the price of oil and gas as well as demand/supply mechanism determine Propane wholesale price. Pinnacle Propane offers you Propane from multiple Propane terminals to ensure competitive pricing based on your location.

The proximity of Supply: Another Price determining factor is the transportation costs of Propane. Distance from production sites and local supply terminal shapes the final rate of Propane in your area.

Production: As being a byproduct of crude oil and natural gas, the price of Propane is also dependent on the volume of production of these two products. Most of the Propane is delivered from domestic terminals, and some of it comes as imports from land or sea routes.

Propane Exports: USA also exports a certain level of Propane, which further impacts the volume of the gas in the country, and the price becomes dependent on the leftover volume.

Weather: The most influential factor determining the price is weather as demand significantly increases in the winter due to residential, industrial, and agricultural use. Especially in the extreme winter and the start of the heating season, the price of Propane is impacted as demand exceeds the supply. The further incline in price occurs due to transportation costs of the production area of extreme winter. Events like Hurricane, Harvey also affect the rate of Propane.

Pinnacle Propane ensures that you get the best, competitive rate of Propane in the market. We also offer various payment plans to meet your needs in a flexible and economical way.

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