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Propane Tanks

Propane Tank Maintenance: Extending the Life of Your Bulk Tank

tank maintenance

Propane tanks are an efficient way to power your home. With the proper propane tank maintenance, your bulk storage tanks will last for decades. By implementing a regular maintenance routine, you can prevent certain issues and maximize the lifespan of your tank. 

Some homes have underground tanks and some have above ground propane tanks. Above ground propane tanks are generally easier to maintain because they are easier to access for regular maintenance and inspections. Underground propane tanks still need the same amount of maintenance, but they are harder to access and cost more to maintain.  

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 propane tank maintenance tips every homeowner should know. Propane is a versatile and efficient source of energy and understanding how to maintain your bulk storage tank is key to successfully powering your home and appliances with propane. 

5 Tips for Propane Tank Maintenance

Propane tank maintenance is important to prevent safety issues and maximize longevity. In this infographic, we highlight five tips how to keep your propane tank in good condition.

Maintenance tips

 1. Propane tank inspection and recertification

  • Propane Tank Inspection: The first step in above ground storage tank maintenance is visual inspection. It is important for homeowners to regularly inspect their tank for signs of rust, corrosion, hissing noises and propane smell. 
  • Signs of wear and tear: It is common for above ground propane tanks to show signs of wear caused by exposure to the elements. This is different, however, than signs of damage. If your tank is covered in rust, shows clear signs of damage, or has shifted, then call Pinnacle Propane immediately 972-444-0300
  • Recertifying your propane tank: Your bulk storage propane tank should be recertified every 5 years by an expert 
  • Benefits of inspection and recertification: Propane is a very safe energy source. However, it is still important to inspect your tanks yourself and also have specialists inspect your tanks for hazards. A major part of propane tank maintenance is regular inspection and professional recertification.
  • DIY vs professional inspections: Homeowners can and should inspect their above ground propane tanks a few times of year for wear and tear, leaks, and other damage. It is also important to have your tanks professionally inspected a few times of year. Pinnacle Propane will conduct an inspection of your propane tank during your propane delivery.

2. Cleaning and surface maintenance

When it is time to clean your propane tank, plan to use a few methods to remove surface dirt and grime. This is especially important after weather events. During your regular propane tank inspection plan to take out a garden hose and rinse your tank thoroughly. Then get a bucket and soap to wipe down the outside of your propane tank.  

This routine will help prevent corrosion by removing substances that might cause rust or other damage. It is also important to remove “stubborn” stains by scrubbing with soap to help preserve your tank. This step is not time consuming and is an important part of your propane tank maintenance strategy to extend the life of your tank.  

3. Keep your propane tank filled 

Whether your home has an underground propane tank or above ground tank, it is important to keep it filled. Monitoring propane levels is an important part of propane tank maintenance because a full tank will maintain the correct pressure levels. Maintaining tank pressure will not only help preserve the life of your tank, but it will also ensure your family has the energy it needs at all times.  

Pinnacle Propane uses advanced telemetry meters equipped with state of the art software that makes monitoring your propane levels easy. With this software, you can see your propane level on your phone and Pinnacle can monitor your levels for you and automatically schedule a delivery whenever you need it.  

4. Valve and fitting maintenance 

Both underground and above ground propane tanks are resilient and tough. They are designed to safely store and hold propane under pressure. Your propane tank will have valves and fittings that help keep propane in the tank and regulate the delivery of propane to your home and appliances.  

Valves and fittings of above ground propane tanks should be inspected during your regular propane tank maintenance inspections. Listen for any hissing sounds around both valves and fittings and check for the smell of propane. Underground propane tank maintenance should be performed by a professional. While underground tanks are aesthetically pleasing and safer from the elements, there are many benefits of above ground tank installation.  

5. Emergency shutdown procedures 

While homeowners will enjoy the countless benefits of utilizing propane energy for their homes, it is important to understand propane emergency procedures. The goal of propane tank maintenance is to prevent issues and detect safety problems before they become emergencies. Here is a basic emergency shutdown procedure:   

  • Step 1: If you smell rotten eggs (propane gas) then immediately get everyone out of the home and away from above ground tanks.  
  • Step 2: If it is safe to do so, go to your above ground propane tank and lift the lid to expose the supply valve and turn the main valve to the right until it is tight to shut off propane to your home. 
  • Step 3: Call 911 and then Pinnacle 972-444-0300 to report a gas leak. 
  • Step 4: Let emergency personnel assess the situation and turn your gas supply valve back on when they deem it safe to do so. 
  • Step 5: Schedule an inspection with Pinnacle Propane to ensure there are no lingering issues with your propane tank.  



Propane is the most cost effective and safe way to heat your home and power appliances. Understanding essential propane tank maintenance steps will ensure your family’s enjoyment of propane energy for decades to come.   

Set a notification on your phone to remind you to complete a propane tank inspection a few times a year. Also, ask your propane provider when you need to schedule recertification of your propane tank to ensure compliance. And finally, have your emergency procedures memorized and written somewhere in plain view of guests, including steps and phone numbers in case of emergency. 

Pinnacle Propane provides customers with valuable information like how to find the right propane tank for your home. Use this tool to choose the correct propane tank size for your home and needs. 

If you have questions about propane tank maintenance or how to order propane, please contact Pinnacle Propane today.