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Propane Tanks

The Ultimate Guide to Above Ground Propane Tanks: Installation, Regulations, and Benefits

above the ground tank
Above ground propane tanks provide a reliable and accessible solution for residential propane usage. In this in-depth blog post, we will explore the world of above ground propane tanks, covering everything from regulations and installation to costs and maintenance. Whether you are considering installing an above ground propane tank or seeking more information on the topic, this guide will equip you with valuable insights. Let's dive in and discover the benefits and considerations associated with above ground propane tanks. 

Understanding Above Ground Propane Tanks

Above ground propane tanks are cylindrical storage containers designed to hold propane gas for residential use. Unlike their underground counterparts, these tanks are installed on the surface, offering easy accessibility for maintenance, refilling, and visual inspection. Above ground propane tanks come in various sizes to accommodate different propane consumption needs.


Above Ground Propane Tank Regulations

1. Compliance and Safety:

  • Familiarize yourself with local and state regulations regarding above ground propane tank installations.
  • Ensure proper setback distances from structures, property lines, and potential hazards.
  • Obtain necessary permits and inspections to meet safety standards.

2. Safety Measures:

  • Install required safety features, including pressure relief valves and protective fencing.
  • Regularly inspect the tank, valves, and connections for signs of wear or damage.
  • Educate household members about propane safety and emergency procedures.


Above Ground Propane Tank Installation

1. Site Preparation:

  • Pick a suitable location that meets regulatory requirements and ensure easy accessibility.
  • Make sure the tank is placed on a firm and even surface for stability.

2. Installation Process:

  • Prepare the tank foundation and secure it according to manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Connect the tank to the propane supply line and perform pressure testing.

  • Follow safety standards when installing essential accessories like regulators and gauges.

propane tank installation


Above Ground Propane Tank Cost and Life Expectancy

1. Cost Factors:

  • Above ground propane tank costs vary based on size, material, and features.

  • Additional costs may include installation labor, permits, and related equipment.

2. Life Expectancy:

  • With proper maintenance and care, above ground propane tanks can last for several decades.
  • Inspections, maintenance, and strict adherence to safety protocols are essential for ensuring long-term durability.


Above Ground vs. Underground Propane Tanks

Benefits of Above Ground Propane Tanks:

  • Lower installation costs compared to underground tanks.
  • Easier access for maintenance, repairs, and visual inspections.
  • Flexibility in tank relocation if needed.

Considerations for Underground Propane Tanks:

  • Enhanced aesthetics as tanks are hidden from view.
  • Protect the tank against weather elements and potential damage.


Above Ground Propane Tank Sizes

Above ground propane tanks are available in various sizes to accommodate different propane consumption levels. Common sizes include 1000-gallon, 500-gallon, and 250-gallon tanks, catering to the needs of different households.


Pinnacle Propane: Your Top Choice for Above Ground Propane Tanks

When it comes to buying and installing above ground propane tanks, Pinnacle Propane is your trusted provider. With extensive experience, competitive pricing, and commitment to safety and quality, Pinnacle Propane is the go-to destination for above ground propane solutions.

Above ground propane tanks offer a convenient and accessible solution for residential propane usage. By understanding the regulations, installation process, costs, and benefits associated with these tanks, homeowners can make informed decisions regarding their energy needs. Prioritizing safety, compliance with regulations, and regular maintenance will ensure the longevity and efficient operation of above ground propane tanks. Remember, when choosing above ground propane tanks, Pinnacle Propane is the trusted provider that offers superior quality and service.

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