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Hurricane Safety Alert: Pinnacle Propane is dedicated to your safety during hurricane season. Ensure your propane system is secure by following essential safety tips from PERC.
For immediate assistance, contact us at (972) 444-0300. Stay safe and informed.
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Pinnacle Propane is a one stop shop for commercial propane and energy solutions for your business.

We are currently offering some great business specific incentives. We have promotions for whatever your situation might be. Pick from the list below and see what we have to offer you.

Pinnacle is offering a special price discount if you sign a contract with us. When you sign a contract you will not only receive a very special price per gallon on propane but you will also have the peace of mind that price will not change for your as long as your contract is signed for but you will also know that you can count on Pinnacle to never let you run out or go empty. There’s really no reason not to!

Worried about running out of propane? Pinnacle Propane offers a keep full program. We will take the responsibility to make sure you never run out again. You will always have the energy supply to keep your business moving and one less item to think about so you can focus on what matters most and let us do what we do best. Talk to one of our dedicated sales representatives now to sign up to be on our keep full program.

Want to take it one step further and not have to worry about price fluctuations? Pinnacle propane offers a verity of contracts that will give you reassurance that you are not overpaying for your energy. One of our sales representatives can discuss your business needs and help you decide which contract is right for you.

Right now when you get your next fill with Pinnacle Propane we are offering a very special limited time offer discount on the price per gallon you pay.

Your Reliable Choice for Commercial Gas

Pinnacle Propane Delivers Unbeatable Value and Service to Customers

At Pinnacle Propane, we pride ourselves on our unbeatable customer service, safety standards, expert technicians, and commitment to the planet. Here are five reasons to choose Pinnacle Propane over other commercial gas suppliers.

  • Customer Service

    We devote ourselves to providing an outstanding customer experience, from your first phone call to your final delivery.
  • Expert Technicians

    We're committed to safety and take every measure to ensure that our propane is handled safely and responsibly.
  • Environmental

    Pinnacle Propane takes the future of our planet seriously, and we’re taking concrete steps to keep our operations as sustainable as possible.
  • Competitive Prices

    Propane costs depend on where you live. We ensure our prices are competitive with other industrial propane suppliers in your region.
  • Innovative

    Our tanks use telemetric monitors and a specialized phone application to track propane levels and automatically schedule deliveries when needed.
  • Safety Standards

    We are committed to safety and take measures to obey to industry standards. Our employees are trained to follow safe work practices.

Advantages of Using Propane for Business

Industrial propane, a versatile fuel powering the economy

LPG systems are versatile and efficient, making them ideal for businesses. Central or zonal heating, furnaces, or industrial applications, LPG can provide the perfect solution for a variety of needs.

  • Cost-Effective Solution

    Propane is one of the most cost-effective energy sources, less expensive than electricity, natural gas, and oil.
  • Efficient and Clean-Burning

    Propane is a highly efficient and clean-burning energy source with minimal emissions, making it an environmentally friendly option.
  • Lower Maintenance 

    Propane-powered equipment and propane vehicles require less maintenance saving your business time and money.
  • Abundant and Widely Available

    Propane is an abundant and widely available energy source, making it a reliable option for businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The quality of commercial propane is measured according to a grading system. HD10 Propane (a.k.a commercial propane) contains 90% propane and up to 10% propylene.

Industrial propane has many diverse applications, such as powering hotels and resorts, fueling agricultural vehicles, and providing portable energy sources for oilfield operations.

It depends. Propane prices fluctuate just like gasoline or natural gas. Our customer service representatives at Pinnacle Propane can provide you with an industry-competitive quote.

Again, this depends on several factors, such as what you use your propane for and how often you use it. The experts at Pinnacle Propane can help you estimate your average propane usage.

Pinnacle Propane offers propane tanks for many needs. For example, we sell forklift propane tanks (though we will also fill your already-purchased tanks).