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propane grill

Propane Grills

Fire up the grill

and let the good times roll

It's America's Season

and let's have it year-round

Nationwide, barbecue season is one of the favorite times of the year. From the heat of the sun, to the amazing smells and great gatherings, what's not to love? America craves that feeling and those smells all year long and you can too by using propane to fuel your grill for a good time.

Skip the charcoal and light up the grill with clean and efficient propane. Propane grills make grilling easy and hassle-free and there are a variety of propane grill options to fit all your barbecue needs.

Besides entertainment, some of the main reasons gas grills are widely used nationwide are because they’re easy to use, low maintenance and good for the environment.

bbq party grilling outside

Why Choose Propane Grills?

outdoor 6 burner gas grill

Little Maintenance & Mess    

Charcoal grills require a lot of attention, time and energy to operate. With propane-powered grills, you can have instant fuel with the flick of a switch or the push of a button. There are no coals to monitor, adjust or clean. All you have to worry about is consuming that delicious and warm food!

barbeque with vegetable

Easy to Control   

If you like more flame control on your grill, propane is the answer for you. No more burnt food or open flames that are difficult to control. Propane provides you with a consistent and controlled flame and temperature that will have your food looking like it came right off the chef's table. 

Making the Switch

At Pinnacle Propane, we can help you make the switch from a charcoal or electric grill to a propane grill for your outdoor cooking space.


Reach out to us today to get started! 

propane grill and gas bottle

Endless Versatility   

There are many propane grill options available to meet your grilling needs. Propane tanks can be installed to the unit, therefore eliminating any restrictions or configurations. Remember to place your grill in a safe location. Your grill should be at least five feet away from your house or other hazards.